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Of the 10 cheapest places to rent an apartment across the country, nine are located in the nation's midlands, according to data compiled by ApartmentList. A high-end, one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment with nearly square feet of living space in the heart of Kansas City, Mo. Pricey rents in cities like San Diego are being driven by high demand and low supply.

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But for these 10 most affordable cities, it's the exact opposite scenario. Leasing agents and landlords are hunting down potential renters and trying to wheel them in with updates and perks, said ApartmentList.

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Split between Kansas and Missouri, Kansas City has some of the least expensive rental prices in the country -- no matter what side of the border you're on. The up-and-coming city borders Indiana along the Ohio River and has a vibrant downtown centered amid a hilly, green countryside. The city also has a strong grassroots campaign promoting locally owned businesses with the slogan "Keep Louisville weird.

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Of the many inexpensive cities to live in Ohio, Columbus is the only one that showed up on the list. The city has emerged as a great place for business and technology, and it's home to Ohio State University, which is the nation's third-largest school by enrollment.

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Although Arlington is the smallest city on the list, its location between Fort Worth and Dallas means that it's no small town. The city's claim to fame is its stadiums, which host Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers games. It is also the largest city in the U. A mecca for music lovers, particularly Elvis fans, Memphis is a cultural touchstone in Tennessee.

Indianapolis is the biggest city on the list, but that doesn't mean it's expensive. Indianapolis has been attracting young people from around the Midwest as well as nearby Indiana University with its growing job market.

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With the city now in bankruptcy and services being cut from entire neighborhoodsit's no surprise apartments are cheap in the city. There's a bevy of beautiful apartments on the market in Tulsa, but be careful: The city is located in Tornado Alley and is frequently subject to severe weather. The only city from the Southwest on the list, Tucson is the second-most-affordable city in the country to rent an apartment. Its colorful buildings are propped up against the Santa Catalina Mountains, making it a unique location.

Wichita, located along the Arkansas River, edges out Tucson by just a few bucks.

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More than 50 aviation businesses operate in the Wichita area, where thousands of airplane parts are manufactured each year. Chrome Safari Continue. Be the first to know. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting.

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