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This article is way too long. It may also confuse readers who read the article. You can help the Angry German Kid Wiki wiki by removing unimportant information or splitting them into separate articles! On parodies, Leopold is portrayed as dimwitted, neurotic, savage, irrational, irresponsible, lazy, bratty, hotheaded and very pushy on some parody series. He is a very harsh kid, thus a little bit racist.

He sometimes bullies his mom out and acts out a psycho. He always is a psycho, thought despite of his room being a mess. He is a complete addict to gaming, and his parents feared he cannot be given away because they try everything, like convince Leopold to clean his room, but nothing works. He just calls them a swear.

His school reports are terrible, and are always poorly written and are never thought-out, Leopold always believes his reports, essays, homework, etc. He sees the world in black and white terms, things being either absolutely good or bad. For example, he adores Unreal Tournament, sausage eggs and Angry german kid online dating video games, but he loathes his father, school, and his teachers, and generally hates everyone else other than himself and his friends well, sometimes he could perhaps even hate himself.

Generally, he likes treating his mom like a slave, because she does the same to him without being paid. He is getting used to long division math strategies. After school, he trades every 97 cents for a cent meal 1 large fries, ketchup packets and a Big Mac with mayo at McDonalds by order. He acts arrogant and edgy and keeps bragging about himself to compensate for his extremely low self-esteem, much in vain.

For some reason, despite his issues, Leopold is a teenager who makes friends quickly sometimes, even a girlfriend, has a good sense of humor even though he often cannot laugh at himself, and isn't completely withdrawn to his PC he's not a hikikomori but he is a hikikomori sometimes, his room is a mess. Although he is a hopeless silent student, he gets a decent grade on his math test within a range of and a A. Plus he is a sore loser, though he abandons the game when he loses.

His anger, hate, his usual failure in intelligence stems from the fact that his family, especially his dad, physically and emotionally abuses him almost every day and nobody in his family cares, which shows he is also being neglected by his family. He takes his aggression on his parents, by making his parents leave his room. Leopold is also Angry german kid online dating troublemaker; constantly disobeying his father until he threatens physical assault or groundings or his teachers until they give him consequences, doing stupid pranks and dares, causing chaos, having been in and out of jail many times, kicked out of many places and expelled from tons of schools.

Despite his last ditches on calling people vulgar names, he although has a moody aggression and is the silent student. He yet has a rivalry with one of his friends.

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He is yet a decent grade in a few schools, and is yet afraid of going to Principal Holtenmine 's office, and also is silent kid when it comes to Mr. He has even been sent to military schools and a mental people's home as last resorts, yet he never stopped misbehaving and always got sent back home either by escaping or the wardens getting fed up of his attitude. Despite taking aggression out, his parents stated that ''he terrorizes the house under his rule by bullying and cussing us out''.

The only parent that Leopold gets his most fights on at home when he is mad is his mom, because at that time she used to hide Leopold's games, like UT, and RedSun, and hid it in his safe because Leopold has no last ditch on where to look at next. Although he is a bit of a troublemaker at school, and he bullies his parents, there is a side-note and very severe trouble when it comes to no video games on his XBOX Beta II.

Whenever his parents confiscate or hide either one of these games, he would get raucous and scream until he has half of his energy left and his mom's ears ring. His mom calls him a ''AWOL game addict". He uses his keyboard as his weapon of choice. Harold, Leonard, and Leonidas hate him. He has friends who are parody makers. Despite them making crude videos of him, he owes them and Fegelein his life. In many classic AGK Series, he is a victim of child abuse. He always gets beaten up and grounded by his dad and occasionally his mom and almost nobody cares about him, while on the modern AGK Series, things may happen differently, the police arrived and arrested Harold Slikk for child abuse.

In Episode 44, Leopold was bored after playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, then decides to watch Angry Video Game Nerd's review of the said game until tonight his father Harold heard the Angry Video Game Nerd cursing and swearing, then disallows him to watch it. In Episode 45, Leopold then decides to get revenge on his father by posting videos of him on YouTube which made Harold angry and wanted to beat up his son, but then he was arrested by the cops.

In Episode 54, Leopold refuses to come downstairs, only to be beaten up by Harold and sent to bed. In his dreams, he encountered his old computers and three ghosts. In Episode 56, Leopold cuts class, but unfortunately, Principal Diknoz calls Harold and informed him his son was skipping class, which led to Harold beating up his son and then brought to the office. Hitler gets a call from his soldiers, then he tried to kill Leopold, but failed because Leopold told his father that Hitler tried to molest him, which Harold became angry and made Hitler leave the house and Harold gives Leopold back Unreal Tournament III.

One of his rivals was Stephen Quirethe Freakout Kid. One time they were taking a quiz, Stephen called him a retard, then Leopold was about to beat him until Mrs. Sukscox ordered him to go back to the quiz. In Episode 61, Leopold was told by his teacher Mrs. Sukscox that he will work on the Civil Rights Movement Poster, or he will go to detention.

Leopold then decides to work on the poster, but Mrs. Sukscox caught him playing Sonic 3 and Knuckles on one of the school computers instead of doing the poster and sends him to detention. Angry german kid online dating detention, Stephen Quire is sharing detention with Leopold.

Leopold then tries to beat the second boss on Sonic 3 and Knuckles and fails. Bored, Leopold drew a picture of his teacher being murdered and watched porn on the computer, then Principal Angry german kid online dating calls him into the office and tells him that he was told on, and Leopold vows that Stephen will pay for it. In Episode 62, Leopold plans to get revenge on Stephen. Leopold goes to Stephen's house. In Episode 63, Leopold has arrived at Stephen's house, Stephen put him in a microwave oven but got irritated by his brother Jack Quire, then Leopold broke from the microwave, and battled Stephen.

After he won, Leopold demanded that Stephen apologize, but Stephen refused, and Leopold was about to deliver the final blow, but Stephen stopped him and told him that he didn't tell the principal. Suddenly, Leopold's keyboard flashed blue and shot Stephen with a laser, knocking him into a coma, then Leopold ran away from the Quire house.

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In Episode 69, Leopold watches suicidemouse. The only missions they have is to defeat all of the members of Seven Hells to go back in their own time. In this series, he was born on November 30th, as his dad said to him in Episode He pretended to be Gerald his enemy in episode His girlfriend in this series is Emily Snivy.

He also has a future son named Leopold Slikk too, but he is stated as Leopold Jr. It is unknown if Emily is his future wife, but more then likely not. In the series, Leopold is portrayed as the unintelligent person who likes playing video games and sending graphic content TV-related content name to his teacher. He has no respect, gets always grounded and usually by his dad, but rarely by his mom. He gets bad grades and his school reports, essays and everything he writes are unreadable, and him using the very poor Angry german kid online dating on his PC while writing a list ever seen in the entire series.

In episode 1, The School Day Confirmation, Leopold and Leonard talk from am to am about school day confirmation. However, his dad wakes up at am, while Leopold and Leonard woke up at am. In episodes 19 and 20, Leopold quits Germany, while nobody heard that he left and every person in Leopold's city thought "that Leopold is going to be in some gang turf", but however, he returned back to Germany after his dad warned him due to the new sausage eggs made by his dad and Leonard.

Episode 1: " Leopold vs. Talking Angela ". Anyways, Leopold is bored and plays Talking Angela. While he starts playing, He had typed any dirty languages and Talking Angela got mad. But, Angela tries to claim her revenge to Leopold by teasing him and making him angry because he also insults Tom.

Episode 2: " Leopold watches Frozen and gets jealous with Princess Anna ". Leopold is bored again. He wants to watch movies online. When he found the movie Frozen, he chose it.

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On the beginning of the movie Do You Want To Build A Snowman part, he found that Anna is so cute and lovely in there, so he tries to have a crush on her. When he sees a part that Kristoff and Anna are together, he gets mad, Angry german kid online dating when they are kissed, he smashes a keyboard, and he assumes that the keyboard is Kristoff. He found a game called it, "Teen Lover's Kiss" in y8. When he found it, he started to play that game. But in the game, when he sees two lovers are kissing, he makes the kiss horny and dismayed.

But when he lost the game, he gets mad and tries to smash a keyboard. After he played the game, he sent it first to Stephen Quire. Stephen got pissed in the game. And then, he also sent the game to his father, Harold Slikk. When Harold played that game and he lost, he reacts very furiously.

Episode 5: " Five Leaf Clover ". Leopold finishes playing the game Teen Lover's Kiss. And next, he plays card games with his stuff toys and assumes the stuff toys are Mark and Mona. Meanwhile, Mark and Mona are noticed by their apprentice, called him Cyriel, that they played their created game. They went over Leopold's house. When they arrived at Leopold's house, they suggested talking to each other.

While Leopold, Mark, and Mona are talking and arguing, Stephen was next to arrive at Leopold's house. When Stephen arrived at his house, he attempted to beat and maul Leopold, but he did it anyway. And then after that, his father was last to arrive.

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Harold outcasted the three tramps who entered the Slikk house. And then Harold beats Leopold. Episode 7: " Leopold's Birthday ". He writes his birthday wishlist for his birthday but he didn't get what he wants for his birthday. When Leopold was watching videos in YouTube, he accidentally found the Jelsa video.

He is throwing a temper tantrum on watching that video. Also, he actually gets mad at Jack Frost and Elsa. Leopold is a regular troublemaker that doesn't care about anything or anyone Except his friendsjust UT. Anyway, he is not responsible for his work or actions, and he lives with Angry german kid online dating abusive family. Weirdly enough, Leopold goes on adventures Ep 8 and probably future episodes to defeat anyone but almost all of these episodes take part on his house, regular places or school.

Leopold here is just a year-old troublemaker that has problems with life. He is a year-old boy who doesn't like shooting games, doesn't beat up his brothers, and doesn't like hard work in his house Note: This AGK series maybe reference to his dad who doesn't like violent games.

He meets his friends and being nice to his friends, his brothers, his dad, Jake, Hitler, Angry Japanese Kid, Angry Dominican Kid, and his friends in his next door. Leopold Slikk is a severely misbehaved boy who likes to watch YouTube videos, he eats sausage eggs, he swears so much, it can drive someone to insanity, he doesn't bother doing his school work, he gets suspended for school a lot, he got expelled once, he destroys dozens of keyboards and he gets in trouble by his parents and even his brother Leonard A LOT!

Angry german kid online dating

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